We have been reading and hearing about the HCG diet for the last 50 years now and it is getting a lot of recognition these days. Many TV channels like Fox News, CBS, ABC and NBC have covered many things about the HCG diet. We have seen an episode about it even on Oprah’s show. But, this diet is somehow facing many issues. There are mixed reviews about the results of HCG diet. Many people have reported that it is a brilliant weight loss method. But like so many other diet plans, some people also say that this diet has not worked in their favor.

Do You Know How The HCG Diet Plan Works?

So what exactly is HCG diet plan? This diet was actually designed by a well-known British physician, Dr. Simeons during the 1950s. He carefully observed the results of using HCG hormone as a help for losing weight among his patients who were obese, and discovered that HCG, which is a natural hormone present inside the body, can make the human body dissolve the excessive fat stores and reboot the hypothalamus. With incorporation of regular HCG injection and a diet of 500 calorie per day, others have been able to achieve a weight loss very quickly.

The HCG diet plan is believed to be particularly effective for people who have been having a hard time with their weight loss issues for many years and want to lose a reasonable amount of weight. Since its launch, many people have turned to the HCG diet and have lost a significant amount of weight efficiently and quickly. The HCG diet plan concentrates on utilizing a low calorie diet with a small dose of hCG hormone daily, which creates a quicker metabolism, so that the natural metabolism of your body speeds up, and helps you to lose abnormal fat.

One of the various attractive advantages of the HCG diet is that it helps with quick weight loss. Some people reported that they have lost a significant amount of weight only in a time of only six weeks. Additionally, this diet normally won’t make the dieters go through the hunger pains or other common symptoms associated with quick weight loss. Many people say that they actually feel better than before, after finishing the HCG diet protocol.

Another thing about this diet protocol is that you won’t get loose skin from a quick weight loss. The reason for this is, HCG hormone burns excessive fat with the incorporation of a low calorie diet, so people who are on the diet lose the fat but not muscle tone. Dieters are recommended not to workout aggressively while on the diet, in order to prevent the loss of lean muscle tissues. But moderate and light exercises are allowed.

Though the FDA permits the use of HCG in the form of fertility medication, it claims HCG was useless of obesity management, as there is no enough evidence that it maximizes weight loss. But, dieters should realize that though HCG diet plan may help in losing a similar amount of weight when compared with people without HCG diet plan.

This is one of the reasons HCG Drops Direct has developed the HC6 Brand of diet drops. You get all the benefits of the HCG diet protocol, without all the dangerous hormones.

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