HCG is a natural hormone in a human body and it is the abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Dr. Simeons (British physician) was the first one to announce the advantage of his hormone. HCG drops when consumed along with the HCG diet protocol, results in effective and quick weight loss. It is gaining lot of recognition since its creation and it was created nearly 50 years ago. The HCG diet is getting more popular every day.

How HCG Drops Are More Effective Than Injections?

HCG drops are specifically meant for people who want to lose abnormal weight. HCG drops are difficult to come by, if you want the actual hormone. They are also available in the form of injection. HCG drops are much more effective when compared to injections. You will experience the results within a short period of time. If you are considering drops then you should definitely know its advantages. There are three important advantages of HCG drops which we will see in this article below.

Please note, that while this article discusses the benefits of the hormone, HCG Drops Direct sells only hormone free drops. Our drops were specifically engineered by master herbalists to mimic the effects of the hCG hormone. However, the biggest difference that you will find is that our drops contain clinically proven ingredients for weight loss. You get all the benefits of the HCG diet protocol, without all the dangerous hormones. Each order comes with a 100 page ebook that explains the diet plan in detail. You also get exclusive recipes that you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the very important benefits of HCG drops is that there is no pain associated with them. Many people are choosing drops because of their pain free characteristic. If you are looking for something that can eliminate your weight without causing any pain then HCG drops are the best choice for you. Many people miss their dosage only because of the pain associated in their weight loss method but now you don’t have to worry about any pain with these drops.

According to some studies conducted by the experts, it is found that these drops are much easier than any other form of HCG intake. Go for HCG that can be taken orally like tablets and drops because it is considered that HCG oral supplements are much effective and also successful than any other form of HCG.

HCG Drops Direct products are less expensive as well when compared with other types of HCG. These drops are in demand only because of its low prices and pain free feature. On the other hand HCG injections are very expensive and painful too.

So, these are the benefits and features of HCG drops. If you are thinking about buying these drops then buy it from a legitimate source like HCG Drops Direct. HCG is known to be safe and effective way to lose weight and is specifically effective in achieving difficult to lose fat placed in hips, thighs and abdomen. You will see the results in the first week of using it. But before doing anything or taking any decision about using it, it is recommended to consult your doctor and make sure your body is in good enough health to take HCG.

To learn more about the HCG diet plan, you should thoroughly research our site. This is one of the reasons HCG Drops Direct has developed the HC6 Brand of diet drops.

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