Many people have asked us, “What are the hCG diet drops side effects?” This is a great question. There are some side effects that you can expect. The obvious ones are of course weight loss. You can expect to lose weight. Sometimes up to 2 lbs/day. When I tell people this they say, “No, I mean are there any negative hcg diet side effects?”

As with anything there are things that you might experience when you take the hcg drops. But they are few and happen rarely.

What Are the HCG Diet Drops Side Effects?


Some people have reported to experience constipation with the HCG drops. Many times this is simply caused to not drinking enough water. When on the protocol, you should always follow the hcg diet tips that are included with every order. In these tips you will find that you should be drinking at least 1 gallon/day of water.

Make sure that you are drinking enough. If you are drinking at least 1 gallon/day of water, and you still become constipated, you can do what is called an “apple day”. You eat nothing but apples while still taking the drops. You have to remember that you will not experience normal bowel movements while taking the drops. You are eating a lot less than you are used to and what you are eating is almost all being utilized for energy.

No Weight Loss

Some people have reported that after a few weeks they begin to plateau. The solution to this one is the same as above. Apple Day.


Some people have reported that they have experienced headaches during the hcg diet plan. This happens sometimes as your body detoxes. You have to realize that before you started the hcg diet, you were filling your body with caffeine, sugars, fats, oils and chemicals.

Your body has to cleanse all of these toxins. The detox process is not a fun one. I was actually talking to my brother in law the other day who is a drug and alcohol counselor. He was telling me that there are people who often die from alcohol detox. But don’t worry, he also told me that alcohol is the only chemical that can cause death when detoxing.

Just make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. If you have to, take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen. But stay away from anything with caffeine in it. There are also issues that are specific to women. But those will be discussed in a different post.

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